Microline India

As a foremost enterprise in Information Technology and Educational Technology, our company provides essential infrastructure for both sectors. Our expertise encompasses many brands within the IT and Cybersecurity domains. In the educational sector, we proudly stand as India's premier direct marketing agency for Senses IIPs, offering world- class interactive touch panels.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our extensive installation base, which exceeds 60,000 panels across India. These installations by Senses IIPs have been instrumental in aiding educational institutions to transition towards advanced, interactive classrooms, thereby significantly enhancing student engagement. Our market presence is formidable, with a market share exceeding 70% and a trajectory that indicates robust growth.

We cordially invite you to explore the manifold business opportunities available with Microline India Pvt Ltd, where we uphold the highest standards in pre-and post-sales support across these industries.

20+ years in Business
#1 Senses Distributor in India
Presence in 15 locations
IT Network & Security soltuions


Revolutionising the Learning Journey for Today’s schools!


We aim to empower each teacher to deliver concepts with precision and effectiveness, ensure every student enjoys a fun-filled learning process, and provide every parent with assurance regarding their child's educational journey. We are committed to outstanding customer service and look forward to building and sustaining enduring relationships with every school. We aim to facilitate learning that is easy, engaging, and enjoyable.

The Senses Interactive Intelligent Panel is the ideal choice for both educational and corporate settings, whether for teaching or setting up a video conferencing room. It is an excellent tool for fostering collaborative learning environments and conducting efficient boardroom meetings.



Establishment of Microline India as a Systems Integration Solutions Provider Founded in 1996, Microline India (P) Ltd. (MIPL), an ISO 9001:2015 certified company based in Mumbai and Pune, began its journey as a provider of System Integration Solutions.



Launch of the Senses Interactive Intelligent Panel In 2013, MIPL emerged as India’s leading provider of Interactive Intelligent Panels, marking a significant milestone by successfully deploying over 10,000 panels in 700 schools. The company has captured up to 70% of the market share in the Indian educational sector.



Expansion into Microline Services By 2016, MIPL expanded its services to include Infrastructure Consulting, IT Audit and Risk Management, IT Hardware, System Integration, Facility Management, and Security Solutions, along with the innovative Senses Interactive Intelligent Panel (IIP). This diverse range of services enables institutions to meet their IT service requirements effectively.