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Enterprises today are changing to real-time operations. This demands sharing up-to-date & accurate information with their partners like vendors, customers etc., it is becoming a strategic advantage for organizations to deploy suitable network architecture to provide access to all their employees anywhere, anytime and through multiple devices – seamlessly and securely.

While Organizations extend the usage of data, voice and video communication along with business applications to a larger set of users, the pace and volume of information flow on the connectivity infrastructure is growing. The Network infrastructure needs to be capable of delivering the performance that users expect, with the flexibility and speed that the organization’s operations need.

Microline is capable of delivering on these requirements with its specialized expertise in several areas such as Structured Cabling, Switching, Routing, Optical fibre services, Network auditing, Wireless network, Security, Video conferencing, Servers, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Storage, Voice over Internet Protocol Telephony (VoIP), Unified Communications technology, Physical Security, Annual Maintenance Contracts and Facility Management Services, etc.

Infrastructure Consulting

Microline believes that information technology is an enabler to achieve your business objectives and plan further expansions wherein decisions have to be taken & executed at lightning speed in today’s digitized world. A dependable, efficient and secure Network and IT Infrastructure forms the backbone for fulfilling these requirements.

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IT Audit and Risk Management

To enhance overall network performance a network health audit is used, as part of routine maintenance, to verify current conditions prior to an expansion project or before introducing new equipment or services.

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IT Hardware

Microline’s Switching design, placement of servers & networking devices, mix of network protocols, as well as the implementation of end-to-end intelligent networking services.

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System Integration

Microline with its in depth knowledge of the various aspects of hardware and software that systems require is consistently able to ensure that your systems integration is done rapidly as per the specified requirement.

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Facility Management

In today’s competitive world with the expectations of customers and markets rising, it is important to have 24 x 7 x 365 uptime.

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Security Solutions

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