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IT Audit and Risk Management

To enhance overall network performance a network health audit is used, as part of routine maintenance, to verify current conditions prior to an expansion project or before introducing new equipment or services.

Microline provides solutions with regards to network analysis and monitoring tools.

Wireless Site Survey

Microline with its vast experience and resources provides specialized solutions to its clients in this direction which helps to finalize and design the geographical position of access points and managing the signal strength requirement for applications ensuring optimum use of resources.

Network Testing and Certification

Microline ensures that every network points installed by us is tested and certified by specialised cable analyser. The health of a network depends on the network infrastructure quality and maintenance of the same is critical for protection of the business critical applications. Most of the data center industry and Corporate companies rely heavily on optic fiber cabling to support the huge demand for bandwidth, so testing and certification of its quality is critical for optimizing network performance and uptime. Microline with its team of experienced members provides these services to its clients.