AN ISO 9001: 2015 Company

Infrastructure Consulting

Microline believes that information technology is an enabler to achieve your business objectives and plan further expansions wherein decisions have to be taken & executed at lightning speed in today’s digitized world. A dependable, efficient and secure Network and IT Infrastructure forms the backbone for fulfilling these requirements.

Microline offers design and consultancy services to make a secure, efficient, dependable, network and IT Infrastructure to permit increase of technical capabilities and optimum resource allocation. Microline has designed a phased strategy for developing Network Systems.

  • Identify Customer Requirements - As the initial step, our certified systems engineers along with the Customer study the organization’s short term goals as well as the long term business vision and objectives. Thereafter, with the application of preferred industry practices and proven methodologies, the most optimum network solution is arrived at.
  • Design Implementation – Post Approval from client of the proposed network solution begins the process of its practical implementation. Installation, Configuration & Certification of these solutions in the Client’s infrastructure are done by our site engineers under supervision of our Project Managers.
  • Design documentation – Documentation containing the blueprint of the network design is given to the IT team of the Client, with a copy of the same being preserved in our project management archives for future references.
  • Monitor, Verify and Modify - Even after the project is over, as a corporate policy, we continuously monitor the completed projects, take feedback from the clients and address their on-going support requirements.