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It is always been a challenge to raise civic issues with the concerned authorities & departments with the municipal authorities, in order to get them resolved as soon as possible. Microline India Pvt. Ltd. has developed PincodeIT, a mobile application, which helps in raising civic issues to the concerned municipal & state authorities (where required), to get them to address and resolve the same . Once an issue is posted it registers and displays on the users as well as concerned government bodies twitter handles, and the PincodeIT twitter handle acting as a database of all civic issues raised. The app enables the concerned civic/government bodies to respond directly to the complainant with the action taken w.r.t. the issues raised, and resolution status thereof.

Currently there are following categories available for raising issues with the authorities: Traffic & Driving issues; Cleanliness(Garbage); Noise pollution; Roads & Footpath status; Water supply and drainage; Public Nuisance; Animals; Electricity; & Others. There are sub categories available under each heading detailed above, to allow for maximum clarity on the issue raised. With a Geo tagging option, the exact location can also be marked and an optional picture submitted to highlight the location and the issue raised. This is to ensure that the authorities get maximum information on the complaint so as to resolve the same as soon as possible.

This application is available in Android, with the IOS version to be released soon, and limited to the cities of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Pune.

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To enhance overall network performance a network health audit is used, as part of routine maintenance, to verify current conditions prior to an expansion project or before introducing new equipment or services.

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